What’s Hot & What’s Not

What is hot to wear and not wear is always changing so quickly and trends are being set before your eyes. What we have noticed as hot right now and usually always hot is, dressing fancy and looking high class. Among all of the different styles that come and go, being fancy is something that always seems to stick around. There are a lot of different events that people are required to be fancy at, and that just goes to show that being fancy will always be in. You do not see people having to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to a wedding or a business meeting or even a funeral. Suites with ties and dresses are the attire required to be worn to a lot of different special events. This is why being fancy will always be what is hot and not ever go out of style. We love to dress like this everyday, though! You can never go wrong if you always look fancy because then you know you always look good.

There are so many different outfits you can wear to look fancy. You could wear a full suit, a beautiful gown, or you could put together an outfit that is above average with accenting jewelry. If you decide to go all out and wear a suit, it does not even have to be a full three piece suit. There are many different ways to wear a suit. You would wear it without the jacket, no tie, and a couple of the dress shirt buttons undone and you will still look very fancy and even be a bit more comfortable doing so. If you are a woman and decide you want to wear a dress as fancy as one you would wear to a wedding, you could even wear some flats instead of heels and your outfit will still be what is hot right now. A lot of different outfits that are the fanciest, can be lessened but still be a hot outfit. We know that dressing fancy is what is hot now and will always be hot because dressing fancy means you look nice. It will always be what is in for style to look good and you can always be sure to look good by dressing fancy and looking higher class.

This is a FUNNY video about what’s hot to wear and what’s not.. enjoy it!

If you are not into wearing suits or beautiful dresses so that you can wear what is hot now, that is okay. There are many other outfits out there that can be put together into something that is hot now. Often times, no matter what the hot trend is, all you have to do is make sure that your outfit matches. Regardless of what is hot for everyone else, if you look fancy and know how to match everything that you are wearing, then you are going to be what is hot. People’s heads are going to turn over what you are wearing just as much as they will turn to the people all copying each other and wearing what is hot.

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