Places We Shop

shopping1There are so many different places that we love to shop at, along with places that we absolutely cannot stand to shop at! If you are like us and a fancy dresser or even want to become one, you know or will come to find out that you do not always have to shop at the most expensive stores just so you can look good and look fancy. It is not about how much the article of clothing cost, or the necklace, or even the pair of shoes.

It is all about how they look and match with the other fancy fashionable pieces you will choose to pair with them. The price of something will not make something look any less fancy or any more fancy than what it really is. Obviously, some places are going to be more expensive to shop at because of the brand name, who designed the stuff, and what the materials are made of. We are the kind of people that if we see something that we absolutely have to have because it will go so well with the shoes we just bought, we will buy it no matter the price. We are all about looking fancy so we do not care if something is cheap or if it is expensive. We just want to look as good as possible and keep our high class looks alive and strong.

If you want to dress and look more fancy, that does not mean you have to wear a full suit or an elegant dress. Sometimes looking fancy is as simple as putting a nice watch on with a tucked in collared shirt and some nice or “fancy” looking pants. If you are a women. dressing fancy could be something as simple as wearing a fancy necklace and bracelet to accent the outfit that you chose for the day.

If you do not know how to match jewelry the proper way with your clothing, that could help to defeat how fancy you may look. If you stick around here and keep reading, we know you should not ever have a problem with matching and looking fancy. Some of the more expensive places to shop for jewelry and clothing would be Gucci or Prada and some of the cheaper end stores you can sometimes find great fancy clothes at are H&M or American Apparel.

We love all of these stores and own many different things from each and everyone of them. We can’t stress enough that the price of something or the store does not dictate how fancy you do or do not look. It is all about knowing what goes together and what does not! If you want to look as fancy as us, do not let a price or someone saying a certain store is no good. We suggest always browsing first and finding out for yourself! You really never know what kind of fancy treasures you may find somewhere to enhance your looks and your style