What’s Hot & What’s Not

What is hot to wear and not wear is always changing so quickly and trends are being set before your eyes. What we have noticed as hot right now and usually always hot is, dressing fancy and looking high class. Among all of the different styles that come and go, being fancy is something that always seems to stick around. There are a lot of different events that people are required to be fancy at, and that just goes to show that being fancy will always be in. You do not see people having to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to a wedding or a business meeting or even a funeral. Suites with ties and dresses are the attire required to be worn to a lot of different special events. This is why being fancy will always be what is hot and not ever go out of style. We love to dress like this everyday, though! You can never go wrong if you always look fancy because then you know you always look good.

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Correct Way To Wear A Suit

If you are going to wear a suit, you want to make sure you wear your suit the proper way. You can’t just put anything together when you wear a suit because they are so fancy. You always have to be sure that you include the proper pieces to your suit and that it is fitted properly. Many times do people look tacky and awful because they did not know what looked best with their suit or just forget to include something as important as wearing a pocket square. Sometimes it is the simple pocket square that can make or break a suit. Often times, you will see that people keep their suits very basic by only wearing the suit jacket. They will not include a vest, a pocket square, or even cuff links. It is not that there is anything wrong with wearing a basic suit, it is just that it does not look right and the way it should. By wearing a basic suit, you are still meeting the part of wearing something that looks nice. But by not wearing a suit and pieces that go with it, you are making yourself not look as fancy or as good as you could.

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Advantages Of Dressing Fancy

There are many different things we have noticed that happen when you dress fancy. Obviously if you are someone that is dressed fancy all of the time like us, you turn a lot more heads than usual. More people tend to stare and look at you when you are dressed in a way that stands out rather than not. We love for people to turn their heads to look at us because we are proud of how classy we look and hope others will start to follow our trend of being so fancy.  A lot of people that work from home tend to not dress to fancy.  We have found that the way you dress 100% changes how you feel about yourself.

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