Advantages Of Dressing Fancy

There are many different things we have noticed that happen when you dress fancy. Obviously if you are someone that is dressed fancy all of the time like us, you turn a lot more heads than usual. More people tend to stare and look at you when you are dressed in a way that stands out rather than not. We love for people to turn their heads to look at us because we are proud of how classy we look and hope others will start to follow our trend of being so fancy.  A lot of people that work from home tend to not dress to fancy.  We have found that the way you dress 100% changes how you feel about yourself.

When you dress fancy, it also makes going home at the end of the day and putting some pajamas on much more rewarding. This is because you are not dressed in a way that already feels like you are in pajamas. Being dressed fancy is still comfortable, but obviously not as comfortable as wearing some sweatpants and a t-shirt. We would much rather lose a little bit of comfort and look fancy than be as comfortable as possible, because we feel very comfortable when we look good!

When you are dressed so fancy and turning all of those heads that pass by, you will also notice a lot more people approaching you to ask you where you bought a certain article of clothing that you are wearing or tell you that they think your necklace is so cute. You usually do not have people stopping you to ask where you bought the sweatpants you are wearing, and if you do it is probably because they must be the most fancy looking sweatpants someone has ever seen. We love being stopped by people throughout our days and being complimented on how great we look. Not only do we try to look good for just ourselves but we do it because we hope other people will be inspired to look as good as we do. We hope to live in a world one day where everyone dresses fancy and does not just throw any outfit together to wear.

Along with turning heads, being approached and asked about where you bought something you are wearing, and getting endless amounts of compliments, you will also notice how much more other people respect you. If you are dressed to impress and look like you are high class like us, people treat you with a lot more respect as if you were someone important to everyone in this world. So if you want people to treat you with the respect you already deserve but are not getting it, try dressing a bit more fancy like we do and you will start to notice a huge difference in the way people treat you. We all want to be treated with respect but do not always get that. It is a sure way to get exactly that if you dress like we do and look like a high class respectable person. These are all positives to dressing fancy and being high class. We do not think that there are any downsides to being fancy all of the time.

Here’s a great video about the advantages of dressing fancy: