About Our Site

We love purses, necklaces, clothing, and just being a fancy dresser! What inspired this blog is us being higher class and dressing so well. Every day that we wake up and get dressed is an opportunity for us to share with you about the things that we are wearing and show you how well we do dress.

Anyone can be higher class if they really wanted to and anyone can be a fancy dresser even if they do not have a ton of money.

Look High Class

If you want to look higher class and dress fancy like us, this is the perfect place to see how to and be able to do it yourself. If you are someone with not as much money, there are different places to shop that are inexpensive and have a lot of awesome clothing and other fashion knick knacks for you to sport!

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We hope everyone can realize that everyone can look just as fancy as us and enjoy themselves while doing it.

Whether you are a man or women, there is something to read and learn about pertaining to fashion for either sex! We are passionate about all fashion and every aspect of it whether you are a man or a women. Since we love fashion so much, we want to inspire you just as much as we are inspired to write this and share everything we can to show you that.

Being higher class is not something that is hard to do and we want to show everyone that it is very possible. You might even be someone that is talented enough to make your own clothing and could share with us how you literally make your clothes that make you look fancy.

We’d Love To Hear From YOU

Not only are we inspired to show everyone our ways with fashion but we would love to hear about yours and anything that we may not know about yet. Everything fashion is always progressing and changing very quickly and we like to stay on top of what is in and what is not.

That is a big way for us to make sure we are dressed as fancy as we would like to be and remain higher class.

Our inspiration does not come from nowhere. It comes from people we see every day and even just our own ideas of putting an outfit together. Some of our inspiration is from fashion gurus and celebrities.

We want to share everything we know, all of our tips and tricks, what we think looks good, and what we think does not, amongst many other things! We are all about making sure that our inspiration is being shared with everyone because we all hope to one day live in a world where every person is as high class and dresses as fancy as us.

Our everyday lifestyles are what inspired this and us to share that with anyone who may read this. We all hope that this helps you on your road to fancy dressing!

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